The Dupuy Group (Dupuy) is in the process of developing an ESG program that brings together our environmental, social and governance priorities under one umbrella and supports our commitment to quality, innovation, value and exceptional customer service.

Through our ESG program, Dupuy seeks to communicate our priorities, measure and improve performance, and achieve business success and better outcomes for our customers and the individuals they serve.

Our ESG Priorities include:

  • Sustainability: Dupuy is proud to offer an extensive sustainability program to its customers, by promoting recycling, ensuring that all our facilities have programs to reduce and appropriately dispose of waste, and working with local waste management providers to create the lowest carbon footprint possible.
  • Fleet Emissions Management: Dupuy takes steps to reduce air emission from our fleet when feasible. Our electric fleet of forklifts emit less CO2 than comparable diesel forklifts. Dupuy also leverages information obtained through onboard vehicle monitoring to identify opportunities for more efficient vehicle operation.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The Dupuy Group is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. Dupuy’s business continuity procedures ensure information is available, and plans are well established for any business contingency that may arise. From inventory control to coffee upgrading, our staff is committed to providing exceptional customer services.
  • Product Stewardship and Supply Chain Management: We ensure that all of our facilities are in compliance with product-related obligations required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Talent Attraction, Development, and Retention: Dupuy’s employees are key to our success. With our large workforce, we have developed programs and initiatives related to human capital and employee welfare to increase and understand employee satisfaction.
  • Workforce Health and Safety: We prioritize the health and safety of our employees, at our facilities and on the road, and take pride in the low frequency of significant injuries at our Company. Driver working conditions are an important facet of our workforce health and safety program, and Dupuy is working on creating a driver safety incentive program.
  • Climate Risk and Resilience: Dupuy recognizes the physical climate risks present in the geographies where we operate, and we take actions to identify and implement risk mitigation measures.

Dupuy’s ESG program includes action items related to each priority area and the tracking of related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and will continue to be developed and refined to meet the expectations and needs of our employees, customers, and other stakeholders.  Further, we have developed the following specific ESG Objectives:

  • Air Emissions, Energy Consumption, and Carbon Footprint: Dupuy aims to equip our fleet vehicles with particulate filters. Dupuy is also taking steps to increase the percentage of our Company-wide alternative and/or renewable energy consumption at all facilities.
  • Product Stewardship and Supply Chain Management: Dupuy plans to obtain additional information regarding the sourcing of coffee and tea products, and which are sustainably- or ethically-sourced.
  • ESG Governance: Dupuy plans to establish a dedicated position for a EHS Manager to oversee ESG management at the company. Dupuy will work towards appropriately incorporating goals outlined in an ESG Policy into facility employee training and policies.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Dupuy has begun the process of assessing workforce diversity data and tracking voluntary and involuntary turnover rates, as well as developing of employee engagement surveys. The Company is working to ensure the diversity of the workforce and overall turnover is at least equal to that of the industry average.
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