Break Bulk

Dupuy warehouses are strategically located near the major ports on the US Gulf Coast and Atlantic Ocean. Our sites have easy access to major highways and rail. We are experienced in the discharge of break-bulk ships, able to effectively handle new cargo types, and can provide any additional services your cargo requires. We offer full-service

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Bulk Handling

Dupuy is proud to offer bulk loading and unloading services to our customers. Our bulk unloading services can be utilized to store coffee in a silo, or to transfer coffee from bulk lined containers into smaller units (burlap or supersacks). We also offer solutions for moving coffee out of bags or supersacks, and into bulk

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Bulk Processing

Bulk Processing (green coffee upgrading line): all of the equipment installed is the same as used at producing country coffee dry mills. We have installed a new, state of the art, high tech equipment proven to handle coffee in an efficient, high quality and economical manner. Specifically the components of such a system would be:

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Climate Control

Adding further to the versatility of our storage capabilities, Dupuy also offers Climate Controlled storage space. Climate control provides the opportunity to store products in a certain environment year round, despite the seasonal changes. This service ensures the highest quality possible and an extended shelf-life of food grade products. Dupuy uses state of the art

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Coffee Blending

Blending is done for several reasons. The target is to make a coffee that is higher in cup quality than any of the ingredients individually. However, high quality arabica coffee should be able to stand alone; it should have good clean flavor, good acidity, body and aroma. So a few reasons why coffee is blended

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Coffee Sampling

The Dupuy Group provides sampling services of all commodities upon request. In addition, we are certified by ICE (International Coffee Exchange) as an official sampler of coffee. Sampling is a crucial part of our industry and our staff works closely with all major shipping firms to execute our customer’s orders quickly.

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Coffee Upgrading

In Jacksonville and New Orleans, we offer the most complete green coffee cleaning and upgrading line. Those lines are composed by: Cleaners: One of the most complete units installed for coffee in the US. Fines, dust, chaff, and other light material by means of a negative aspiration system. Scalping screens to remove product larger than

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FTZ / Bonded Status

Dupuy offers facilities that are Foreign Trade Zones. It allows our customers to import or export merchandise that receives the same customs examination if it were outside the U.S. This an extra step we take to provide value added services for our customers.

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ICE Certified

In the certified Ports of New Orleans and Houston, Dupuy operates several facilities which have been approved for the storage of coffee traded on the Intercontinental Commodities Exchange (formerly NYBOT). Only warehouses with exemplary performance in safety, quality, and sanitation may hold the title of “ICE approved.”

Tea Blending

After Dupuy receives a blending formula from our customer, Dupuy will store and blend the tea with our state of the art equipment and experienced team. The tea is blended based on the formula and number of components required. Our equipment will deposit the blend into super sacks or 60 kilos paper bags and we will stage the final product for delivery to the final destination.

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Trucking & Transportation

Dupuy, as a part of our commitment to excellence in logistics, employ’s our own OTR and dray division. This gives our customers extremely competitive rates, saves time on transportation and streamlines the supply chain for better service. We are proud to offer the newest trucks and abide by the safest standards in transportation.

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Offering 2 million square feet of warehousing space, our company provides a number of warehousing solutions for almost any need. All of our facilities are Silliker Certified, Organic Certified, and most of our facilities are bonded and are a FTZ. We take every step to assure our customers the highest quality facilities, safe business practices and value added services that makes our customer’s trust the Dupuy name for 75 years. We are proud of the quality, consistency and logistical solutions are team provides everyday for our customers.

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